Switch circuit

Automatic Lamp Control with Light Sensitive Switch
7 Feb 2008 ... The circuit above is an automatic switch which functions in absence of light.
The IC 4060 works as an oscillator and the generated signal is ...

Light Sensitive Switch with LDR + 2N2926
18 May 2007 ... Click to View Circuit Light Sensitive Switch with LDR + 2N2926
This be circuit warn when be become dark, or Light sensitive switch.

Sound SCR Switch by IC 1458 & SCR C106D
This is Sound SCR Switch Using IC 1458 & SCR C106D, It is Electronic control circuit.

Frost Alarm or Cold Activated Switch by IC 741
A simple thermistor triggered cold switch with adjustable threshold. Notes:
The thermistor used has a resistance of 15k at 25 degrees and 45k at 0 degrees ...

One Button On Off Switch by 4093 and IRFZ44
7 Feb 2008 ... The load is driven by the MOSFET IRFZ44 and 4093 AND gates
are used in the circuit. The output of the 4093 IC drives the MOSFET.

Simple Touch Switch One Shot by 4011
17 Apr 2008 ... Here is a simple touch control switch, I use IC 4011. Logic HI
at output is timer pulse delay control by C1 1S = C1 4.7uF(micro farad), ...

Voltage Controlled Switch using 555 Timer
IC 555 Circuit, Voltage Controlled Switch using 555 Timer. ...
In this circuit the 555 timer is used in a novel way, as a voltage controlled switch. ...

Capacitive Sensor(Touch switch relay) with BC337
14 Sep 2007 ... Special design for shop-windows animation Useful for many
types of touch controls Parts: R1,R2_____1M 1/4W Resistors R3,R4____47K 1/4W.

Current-Limit Switch Is Digitally Programmable
17 Dec 2007 ... Current-limit switches are virtually ubiquitous in system controls.
They provide a safe means for regulating the current delivered to a load ...

PBS Switch Debouncing by 555
17 Apr 2008 ... This circuit will remove the transient spikes and contact bounces
from a non-latching push button switch. Using a 555 timer as a monostable ...

100 Seconds Duration On Switch with Touch Control by 555
7 Feb 2008 ... This is a touch control switch which keeps the circuit on about 100 seconds
after touching the plate connected to the 2 numbered pin.

Standard Touch Switch by Gate of IC 4011
27 Apr 2008 ... This circuit uses a 4011 logic gate digital as the bases of the touch switch.
It are Standard and very easy because I used a Gate of IC 4011 ...

Touch Switch By IC 4001 & 4020
18 May 2007 ... Circuit Touch Switch By IC CD4001, CD4020 This be touch switch
be simple again the circuit. It use integrated digital circuit is important ...

High Current MOSFET Toggle Switch with Debounced Push Button
24 Apr 2007 ... This circuit was adapted from the Toggle Switch Debounced Pushbutton
by John Lundgren. It is particularly useful in controlling a load from ...

Autoformer Switch-Mode Power Supply
18 Feb 2008 ... This is a small 2*25 (actually, 2*50) WPC amplifier with 3-order
crossover stage (configurable as LP or HP). Of particular interest is the ...
CMOS 4013 Switch
30 Jul 2008 ... The voltage generated by a piezo transducer can activate a digital circuit.
One may build a simple demonstration switch from a piezo ...

Switch-Mode Power Converters: Design and Analysis
14 Nov 2007 ... This book introduces an innovative, highly analytical approach to symbolic,
closed-form solutions for switched-mode power converter circuits ...

Touch Switch using digital IC
7 Dec 2008 ... If friends seek touch switch Circuit model to be simple.
I begs for to advise this circuit, use integrated digital circuit number IC 4011 ...

Switch-Mode LED Backlight by MAX1698
22 Mar 2008 ... White-LED backlights are gaining acceptance because they
offer higher reliability and simpler drive circuitry than those based on CCFL and ...

12V 10A Dark Activated Switch by LM324
3 Oct 2007 ... The circuit is a combination manual switch and automatic dark-activated switch.
It is designed to control up to 10 amps of 12V lights.

555 timer as a switch-mode power supply
27 Dec 2007 ... Most switch-mode power supplies rely on a PWM
(pulse-width-modulated) output that is controlled via voltage feedback.

Temperature Window switch by IC 741
16 Oct 2007 ... This circuit, is basically a resistance sensing window switch,
except that the resistor takes the form of an NTC thermistor and ...

Bounceless Switch by IC 555
Bounceless Switch by IC 555. ... This is circuit Bounceless Switch , Use IC 555 Timer for Easy
Timer circuit. Output pin 3 pluse 0.1s. Control by push S1. ...

Opto-Thermo Control Relay Switch with IC 741
18 May 2007 ... Circuit Opto-Thermo Control Relay Switch with IC 741
This be Electronic switch circuit is onely. Which work with the light and the ...

Light Relay Switch By BC547 & BC337
This Circuit is easy, Light Relay Switch By BC547 & BC337. Circuit Light Relay Switch
By BC547 & BC337 PCB Light Relay.

Fairchild Power Switch
18 Mar 2008 ... The PWM controller features integrated oscillator to be synchronized
with the external sync signal, under voltage lockout, optimized gate ...

Circuit Lighting : Light Sensitive Switch with LDR + 2N2926
Circuit Lighting , Light Sensitive Switch with LDR + 2N2926.

IC 4049 Bounceless Switch
This is Bounceless Switch using IC 4049 , It is Electronic control circuit.

555 IC Timer control relay Switch
18 May 2007 ... Click to View Circuit 555 IC Timer control relay Switch This the circuit sets
the time to are simple one that interesting , because use IC ...

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