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Power Flasher Jan 19, 2009 micro power flasher draws less than 50 µA. Sunday, October 26th, 2008. Some applications require a circuit to indicate that a battery’s

Power Flasher with MOSFET Suitable for alerting purposes Drives 12V Car bulbs
Derived from the Two-wire Lamp Flasher design, hosted on RED Free Circuit Designs since 1999, this astonishingly simple circuit allows one or two powerful 12V 21W car bulbs to be driven in flashing mode by means of a power MosFet….

AC light flashing power lamp using SCR This circuit uses a half cycle of AC power Voltage , for feed give with AC Lamp. The part again a half cycle that go to give with capacitor C1. For build voltage to feed reach a pin G of SCR. When arrive at the dot at firing angle SCR will lead the electric current [...]

Lamp 6 volt flashing by two transistor This be Lamp Flasher again model apply to Lamp small-sized 6 Volt, by use the principle Amplifier Circuit that use transistor 2 pcs. By have regenerative feedback send pulse of current 60 mS. Which there is tall size arrives at many amp change low voltage lamp. For brightness rate of something flasher , The tall [...]

micro power flasher draws less than 50 µA Some applications require a circuit to indicate that a battery’s voltage has fallen below a certain value. However, if you don’t frequently check the indicator, the low-battery indicator itself can easily discharge the battery. The circuit in Figure 1 indicates when the battery voltage has dropped below a preset value. The circuit draws less than [...]

AC Load Line Power Flasher by SCR Here is an unusual flasher circuit for 120VAC loads. The circuit is similar to the two-transistor flasher seen in several circuits in techlib.com except that an SCR is used. A little circuit trick is hiding in the selection of the 0.1uF capacitor in series with the 1k resistor. When the SCR is off, this capacitor [...]

Lamp Flasher Current 1A We come to see Lamp Flasher Current 1A that apply to supply Voltage 12V. Which power Transistor of NS number LM195 fixed work and don’t work 1 time per second. For do Light Flasher give with Lamp 12V 1A. Grasping very trend sizes in or Limit Current in of LM195 protect Current at excellent tall [...]

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