9V Low Power Switching Regulator

This is the Power Switching Regulator 9V Circuit that is low current power output and It has strong point is the voltage input change from 2.4V to 10V but a constant voltage output 9 Volt. We used the RC4193 Micropower Switching Regulator is the base, easy to use and there are a few parts in circuit. The test battery point for check voltage of batter or input.
The low power switching regulator IC, number: RC4193, that that Contained in a small body of caterpillar 8-pin. It is designed for devices that work with batteries. The DC regulator power supply is built by the 11 normal parts. By has the 5 resistors, 2 capacitors, a diode, a choke coil and IC no.RC4193 and that importance the battery 2.4 volt to 9 volt : 1 set.
How it works
-This power supply has stable output voltage at 9V until battery is worn down to less than 2.4V The circuits is actual as shown below.
-The RC4193 has a reference circuit inside, is controlled by the Ic current and is define from the resistor R1 that connected externally to IC1
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