Bass guitar super bridge amplifier 200 watt.

If You want to circuits amplifiers for bass guitar, or for using in every situation such as both listen to in the house, outside the house or outdoors. This circuit is answer that you is looking for. It is wisely designed with power output at 200 watt in super bridge model so help to you have a high quality circuit in cheap.
The characteristics of the circuit as shown in figure 1. When we carefully consider found that amplifier circuit consists of two sets are:
- The first circuit set consists of many transistors Q1(MPSA06), Q2(MPSA06), Q3(MPSA56), Q4(BC182), Q5(BC182) ,Q6(BC212), Q11(MJ3001) and Q12(MJ2501)
- The series 2 circuits consisting of Q7(MPSA06), Q8(MPSA06), Q9(MPSA06), Q10(BC182), Q13(MJ3001), Q14(MJ2501).
Both of these circuits has pattern is very similar, but slightly different, is the series 2 circuits cut off the protection circuit of section output transistor to go out. And we enter the input signal to input of first circuit only.
-But the differential input of the series 2 circuit is connected to ground. While the output of first circuit is entered to R28 to inverting input of Q8 makes output of second circuit is 180o out-of-phase automatically.
- With this setting wisely so do not need to connect bridge adapter circuit that difficult and too expensive.
How it works
-The signal is entered the input jack and SEND jack and RETURN to C1 to the differential amplifier Q1.
- the signal is amplified out to collector and pass through R3 to base of transistor driver circuit of Q3.
- The output at collector pin Q3 will pass two R7,R16 to drive the power transistors Q11,Q12.
- The Q5 is setting bias current of transistors output in reasonable range.
- Two Q4,Q5 are protection working of the power transistors not has too high circuit. Which may occur of the short circuit by output. We have both resistor R12,R13 are output signal detector. If the current exceeds the value set will be a high enough voltage across to make Q4, Q6 work.
- The voltage that enter to base of Q11,Q12 will be short circuit by Q4,Q6 as above, Until the output current is reduced and lower in a satisfactory security.

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