Top Linear power supply regulator 5V 5A with 7812 and LM723

When you need a power supply often missed the 3 legs Regulator ICs. But some jobs that apply a high current over 1 Ampere up there, is very difficult. Even if it is 5 amp and 10 amp, but the price is quite high.
This project is designed with the concept of the modular regular circuit is using the output. Which is composed of two or more transistors, to current as shown in the circuit. And a control section is not sensitive to noise, which we would have to use IC-723. Although the present may be perhaps was overshadowed with the 3-pin regulator IC. However, with good characteristics, makes us choose to use it for Supply output voltage from 2 to 7 volts.
The voltage for provide IC1-LM723 get from the increasing the voltage and then filtered to smooth. then, through the control the voltage regulator using 3-pin. This method Is good for power transistors, because we make the output voltage and the before into transistor voltage, both difference as little as possible. without prejudice to the power supply voltage of the IC.
- While running two transistors T2 and T2 may be hot we should hold the adequate heat sink and
All resistors R4 to R6 should used many to parallel to the desired value to average Power Dissipation down.

Top Linear power supply regulator 5V 5A  with 7812 and LM723

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