Logic probe circuit

Logic Probe Feb 16, 2011 This circuit is a Logic Probe. It indicates the logic state of the node of any TTL logic circuit. To do that, we have to supply the probe

Audible Logic Probe When testing circuits with a logic probe, it is sometimes difficult to watch the LEDS on the probe to determine the logic state. With this probe the logic states are audible. This probe is designed for TTL circuits only but could be modified for CMOS. The way it works is as follows. The 5 volt [...]

Logic probe by IC 4050 When you learn digital circuit necessary tool for check logic of the digital. May flee don’t pass Logic probe for extremely amateur type our electronics emphasize economize keep before. I has interesting circuit comes to present be Logic probe by IC 4050 by pillar equipment be IC CMOS 4050 or CD4050 or LM4050. Be the [...]

Simple Logic Probe by NE556 This circuit effectively functions as a logic-level indicator or logic probe for TTL circuits. It gives an indication of any of the following four conditions that might be found on a typical digital circuit and thus provides a versatile troubleshooting aid: 1. Line high (logic 1) 2. Line low (logic 0) 3. Line tri-state (high [...]

Digital Logic Probe by IC TTL 7414 This circuit is quite useful for displaying the states of digital lines. The two 330R resistors may need to be changed as the circuit I generally use is using a tri-colour LED(3 legs) with common cathode. Other LED’s may need more or less current. Input Output 0 Green 1 Red Nothing No LED Related Links [...]

Pulse Reading Logic by 74LS00 and 74LS123 This circuit is supplied as a hobby project. It uses indicator LEDs to display various logic states for high, low, rising pulse, and falling pulses. It can be used as a general troubleshooting tool and is particularly useful for debugging TTL and CMOS logic circuitry. In this design, the first 74LS00 gate acts as a [...]

Logic Probe by 74LS47 This circuit is a Logic Probe. It indicates the logic state of the node of any TTL logic circuit. To do that, we have to supply the probe with the same power of the circuit that we want to analyse: same Vcc and same GND. To check the logic level, we must connect the “Test” [...]

Logic Digital Tester by LM324 This is Logic Digital Tester Circuit. It uses the level input about 5V and use the integrated circuit LM324. Be Main Part electronics perform Drive All LED. Then use Current very low about 10mA by have potentiometer be formed fine the value threshold give just right with the level logic digital both of 3 the [...]

Simple Logic Probe This simple logic probe has both LEDs on with no signal at the input but due to the nor gates connected to the probe, indicates correctly when a high or low signal is present. It also works correctly for pulse trains. Normally both LEDs are forward biased and therefore on, powered by the 12V supply. [...]

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