Vacuum tube circuit

Vacuum-Tube Apr 23, 2008 In the the valveamp schematic below you see that the amplifier is built with only 5 vacuum tubes! The circuit is a classic push-pull

The unit is powered directly from the 120 volt AC line, with no power transformers. Filaments are wired in series, with the total adding up to 117 volts (35 + 35 + 35 + 12). The 35W4 forms a half-wave rectifier, which is filtered by a three-stage RC network. The B+ for the output stage [...]

THE MAIN TUBE AMPLIFIER 4W This is the schematic diagram of the “Li’l 4×4′s” main amplifier circuitry. This completes the circuit if you’re only interested in line-level input sensitivity. The first big difference in this design is that the output stage is fixed-biased rather than cathode-biased. This gives excellent control over the bias point, and also does not “rob” any [...]

Push-Pull Class A 2A3 Stereo vacuum tube Amp The input stage is comprised of a both halves of a 6SL7 octal dual hi-mu triode in a differential amp configuration with a 1ma constant current cathode load. I’m using field-effect (constant-current) diodes for simplicity. the diff amp approach was chosen for good power supply rejection, ease of balancing, good gain, and ease of application [...]

2×45 Watt Tube Amplifier
The circuit is simple, yet is capable of excellent performance. I designed it specifically for use as an amplifier for the digital sound card in my computer. Audio input can be from any two-channel line level device such as a television, CD player, or VCR. It is of the tube type, using only 5 tubes [...]

Tube Line Preamplifier Project The interest for circuits of tubes, remains big. Thus I will give completed in enough big degree, circuit of preamplifier. It is mainly constituted by the department of main preamplifier, the department of input selector, delay of application voltage and connection output of preamplifier with the final amplifiers and the department power supply. The department [...]

Trainwreck Express Guitar Amplifier Trainwreck Express Guitar Amplifier Because of their sound, Trainwreck amplifiers ( have an almost occult like following among guitarists. And, because they are produced in such small volumes, they are almost impossible to obtain. If you’re lucky, you may find one on eBay for $20,000 or more. However, a number of individuals have reversed engineered [...]

2 x 40W Valve amplifier In the the valveamp schematic below you see that the amplifier is built with only 5 vacuum tubes! The circuit is a classic push-pull amplifier using an output transformer with a center tap. This topology is widely used for tube amplifiers, because it is impossible to make a complementary P-type tube: you cannot make holes [...]

80W Tube Monoblock Amplifier My goal was to design a high-powered wide-bandwidth amplifier with the finest sound and to keep it simple but not too simple. I rejected single-ended (SE) designs because of their low power and limited bandwidth. I wanted to see if I could get similar sound quality perhaps better with an efficient push-pull design. And I [...]

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